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Contact: Ordo Astri Star and SnakeEsoteric Thelema differs from that of mainstream Thelema or ‘Crowleyanity’. The Law of Thelema will not be grasped by reason alone, or by merely studying the text of the Cairo transmission. It will certainly not be understood or practiced through appeal to the writings of Aleister Crowley. Yet the doctrine as revealed by Aiwass, the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat, can be explained in clear and simple terms. The article linked below is abridged from Babalon Unveiled! Thelemic Monographs.

Esoteric Thelema—Dispelling the Curse of the Dogs of Reason

  • Those who require preliminary training in Hermetic Qabalah, which is the basis for ritual magick or tantra, may work through our supervised one-year Probationership Foundation Course. The course involves reading, study, ritual magick, yoga and meditation. Successful completion qualifies for admission to the first, initiatory degree of Neophyte 1 = 10.
  • Advanced students may apply for our more flexible nine-month VITRIOL Probationer course. This requires a written presentation. Applicants may be tested in their knowledge of the mechanics of the art. Successful completion of the VITRIOL course qualifies for admission to the first, initiatory degree of Neophyte 1 = 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in Thelema Beyond Crowley? Have you had some experience of the cults of ‘Crowleyanity’? Have you visited this website in the hope of finding an alternative to egotism and madness? Then read on, before you begin your deep and prolonged enquiry: Thelema Beyond Crowley and Grant. The article addresses some frequently asked questions. Another article that is vital to read if you are new to Esoteric Thelema is Sapphire Stone of Esoteric Thelema.

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If you are applying for Associate Membership then please also observe the requirements given on our Membership page. For this and all other enquires: Please afford us the courtesy of a formal structure to your letter if you want your enquiry or application to be taken seriously. This includes the Thelemic opening and close with the tenets of the Law. The capitalisation and punctuation should be precise as these are direct quotations.

After your usual formal letter salutation:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Your letter of enquiry or introduction. At the close of your letter:

Love is the law, love under will.

Then sign off your letter with your full name.

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