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Contact: Ordo Astri Great WorkThose who require preliminary training in Hermetic Qabalah, which is the basis for ritual, may work through our supervised one-year Probationership Foundation Course. The course involves reading, study, ritual, yoga and meditation. Successful completion qualifies for admission to the first, initiatory degree of Neophyte 1 = 10.

Yoga, by which we mean meditation (dhyana) practice, is absolutely essential. We teach all our students how to attain Samadhi, through various stages, in so far as it is possible to teach it. True knowledge is not thought. It is pure contemplation without thought. This can only be understood through practice. At every stage, union (‘yoga’) is the goal.

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Are you seeking real and effective initiation, as opposed to the delusionary counterfeit and fake spirituality that by now prevails everywhere in the world today? Then read on, before you begin your deep and prolonged study:

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Probationership with us involves a course of practical work and study under direct supervision. The purpose of Probationership is to prepare for initiation to the first degree.

If you are applying for Associate membership then please also observe the requirements given on our Membership page. For this and all other enquires: Please afford us the courtesy of a formal structure to your letter if you want your enquiry or application to be taken seriously. Sign off your letter with your full name.

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