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Contact the Order: If you have a general enquiry please check this website for information before attempting to contact us directly.

Contact Ordo Astri: Double Vajra Yoga PowerMembership: A full initiate member of the Order is any person in the degree of Neophyte or above in our Collegium. It is easy to obtain Associate memberhip but full initiate membership takes hard work and dedication involving intense spiritual aspiration, continuous study, long practice and the keeping of a diary record.

It is not possible to ‘transfer’ a grade or degree obtained through membership of another group or organisation. We do not hold lodges or public meetings. Initiation in any real sense does not take place through ceremonies with officers after the manner of neo-spiritualist organisations. Our guide in all matters of initiation is included here. We expect anyone that has a serious interest in Order membership to be well informed regarding our aims and ideals. Preferably they will have read and studied some of our most recent works:

Thunder Perfect Gnosis; The Way of Knowledge in the Reign of Antichrist; Thirty-two paths of Wisdom, Nu Hermetica—Initiation and Metaphysical Reality

See our books page for these and other titles.

There are three stages to obtaining full membership: Associate, Student, Practitioner. Aspirants are expected to manage their own contributions to the Order. This may be done through regular or one-off donations, as according to their means.

Contact: Associate Membership
Subscribe to our monthly Journal, Metamorphosis. (The link takes you to the sign-up form.) The Journal is free of charge and is delivered by email once per month when the Sun enters a new Zodiac sign. Then send us your courteous letter of introduction and contact details as described below. Please use your real name, not an Internet pseudo or nickname. Provide the following with your letter of introduction:

  1. Full name and title (Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs) and street address, town, city, postal or zip code, state or country.
  2. Telephone number (with country, area code) by which we can contact you, if necessary.
  3. Give the time (if known), date and place of your birth. Format the date ‘3rd January, 1980’, for example, so we can be sure. Put the name of the nearest city and the region and country you were born in.
  4. Tell us briefly about your study and experience and any books read that may be relevant. For example, books by René Guénon or source works: Egyptian, Hermetic, Gnostic; Hinduism and Tantras; Qabalah.
  5. Provide a book list of our literature you have read and studied.

Contact us directly

If you want your enquiry to be taken seriously then please use a formal structure—send us an email letter, not a ‘message’. Address it to the Director of Studies, Ordo Astri. Close the letter with your full name and any other details you care to supply us with if that will help us respond to your enquiry.

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Make a donation to Ordo Astri securely by PayPal.* (You do not need to have a PayPal account.) You can either:

  • Make a one-off donation
  • Take one of the three monthly subscription options
  • Donate any amount you want on a monthly basis

The link takes you to our secure PayPal page hosted by Tantrika Arts.

* If you do not wish to donate by PayPal or card then please contact us by email to make a direct transfer, for example, via TransferWise.