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Books under the Ordo Astri Imprimatur include the archival rituals and methods of the Hermetic Order of the Star and Snake. These include magical rituals of the grades and degrees based on the Hermetic or Qabalistic Tree of Life, and many subsidiary methods and practices. Such methods include divination, astrology, skrying, Enochian Magick, consecration of talismans and symbolic weapons. All books listed below have been thoroughly revised and updated. Taken together, they represent the quintessance of occult practices, as developed and brought to the highest level of perfection over many years of practice by the Order foundation. For our most recent publications, visit this page.

Hermetic Qabalah Foundation—complete Course
Fifth Edition (revised) now available.

Hermetic Qabalah Foundation—Complete CourseHerein is the key to spiritual alchemy, magick and yoga: the Tree of Life is seeded in the astrosome of the magician so the rituals and practices are a gateway to true knowledge. Awakening the Serpent Power allows the development of possibilities required to transcend the perceptions of the mind and realise true knowledge. The Angel or supranatural power of divinity can assist in the conscious return to the Garden of Eden. The Qabalah is the basis for meditation, magick, astrology and tarot, including the art of gematria, talismans, invocation and evocation, the pentagram and hexagram and symbolic weapons. All this is seamlessly integrated with the one-year practical coursework through ritual meditation. Preliminary work includes the Wisdom of Breath, Ritual Sonics, Assumption of the Godform and a variant form of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. The student then moves, step-by-step, towards creation of an astral double by which the individual possibilities are extended.

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Hermetic Order: Ritual Magick—Initiation of the Star and Snake
Fifth Edition soon to be available

Hermetic Order: Ritual Magick—Initiation of the Star and SnakeThe rituals and methods given in this book are drawn from the archival legacy of the Hermetic Order of the Star and Snake. It is a complete magical system of initiatic grades or degrees developed from the Golden Dawn and later offshoots and brought to the highest level. Our ritual mandala objectifies the Cosmic Serpent. The winding snakes of the Caduceus are the dual expression of the Occult Force. The lunar and solar forces are invoked simultaneously to raise consciousness in the central column. The nature of symbolism is dual and there are many different ways a symbol can be interpreted. A true symbol never means one thing and one thing only. We orient to the stellar North, the place of greatest power. The North marks the ‘imperishable’ or immortal constellations that circle the Polar Axis. In the ritual circle, the North is a gateway for manifestation of the invoked forces of the operation. The sounding of eleven knocks or knells for us signifies the perfect harmonisation of the macrocosm, the ‘six’, and the microcosm, the ‘five’.

Subjects include the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the Circle of the Place, Mudras or signs of the grades, Ritual of the Gates of Babalon, the, formulation of the Magical Name, Opening and Closing the Temple, Star and Snake Tantra-yoga, (revised) Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram, Rising on the Planes, Skrying and Clairvoyance, Consecration of Talismans, the Egyptian Mass, Ritual for Psychic Self-defence, the Holy Guardian Angel, Ritual of the Rosy Cross, Consecration of the Magical Sword, Goetic Evocation, the Ceremony of the Watchtowers and Enochian Magick.

Format: Trade paperback; perfect binding (6” x 9”); 284 pages in total.

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Further editions in the Archival Works Series will be added to this page as they become available.

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