Membership: A full initiate member of the O∴ A∴ is any person in the degree of Neophyte or above in our Collegium. It is easy to obtain Associate memberhip but full initiate membership takes hard work and dedication.

Membership: Ordo Astri Star and SnakeIt is not possible to ‘transfer’ a grade or degree obtained through membership of another group or organisation.

Esotericism is our basis. The O∴ A∴ does not serve as a vehicle for the rituals or practices of Aleister Crowley or of the OTO. Those who have previously studied and practiced the work of these or related organisations are welcome to apply to us so long as they understand they will need to make a completely fresh start. We provide a Recommended Reading list to all Associate members.

Become an Associate
First subscribe to our monthly Journal, Metamorphosis. Then send us your formal letter of introduction and contact details as described below. Please use your real name, not an Internet pseudo or nickname.

Afford us the courtesy of a formal structure to your letter if you want your enquiry or application to be taken seriously. Please provide the following with your letter of introduction.

  1. Full name and title (Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs) and street address, town, city, postal or zip code, state or country.
  2. Telephone number (with country, area code) by which we can contact you, if necessary.
  3. Give the time (if known), date and place of your birth. Format the date ‘3rd January, 1980’, for example, so we can be sure. Put the name of the nearest city and the region and country you were born in.*
  4. Tell us briefly about your study and experience as relevant to our path, and any books read that may be relevant.
  5. Provide a book list of our literature you have read and studied.

* Please do not send us a copy of an astrological chart that has been created previously. On acceptance we will calculate your natal horoscope and you will be sent a copy of it, along with our Recommended Reading list and Reviews.

Contact us

Apply for Full (Initiate) Membership of the O∴A∴

You will first need to become an Associate by introducing yourself to us (see above). We will provide you with our Recommended Reading list on request.

Those who wish to obtain a thorough grounding in Qabalah, which is the basis of ritual magick, may work through our one-year Hermetic Qabalah Foundation Course. The course may be worked as a one-year Probationer term, under supervision. Send your request along with your letter requesting Associate status. You will need to obtain the textbook for this course, Hermetic Qabalah—Complete Course (2022 Edition).

Successful completion of a Probationership course under direct tuition is a condition for entry to the first initiated degree, Neophyte.

  1. Applicants must be aged 21 years or more.
  2. The O∴ A∴ Collegium is structured around a system of grades or degrees based on the Tree of Life. The first (unofficial) grade is Student. Initiation is by study, practice and the Keeping of the diary Record.
  3. Minimum required reading and study for Probationership application is as follows: The Enterer of the Threshold (2022 Edition), The Way of Knowledge (see our Books page).
  4. Once the person is accepted for Probationership, diary Records and Work Reviews are submitted on a monthly basis when the Sun enters a new sign of the Zodiac. All Records and work Reviews must be word processed. Format this in one document A4 (European) or US Letter Size and number the pages.
  5. Aspirants are expected to manage their own contributions to the Order. Members and Probationers make regular donations, as according to their means.

Contact us

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