Membership: A full Initiate member of the O∴ A∴ is any person that has attained the degree of Neophyte or above in our Collegium. It is not possible to ‘transfer’ a grade or degree obtained through another magical organisation.

Associate Membership of Ordo Astri may be obtained by anyone that has sent to us their letter of introduction and contact details, and has been accepted and subscribed to our monthly Newsletter, The 93 Current: Introduce yourself to the O∴ A∴

Membership: Ordo Astri Winged Sun Disk

Apply for Full (Initiate) Membership of the O∴ A∴

Please note that while Thelema is our basis, the O∴ A∴ does not serve as a vehicle for the rites, ceremonies or practices of Aleister Crowley or of the O.T.O.

Full membership requires successful completion of our Hermetic Qabalah Foundation course. The one-year course is presented in the book, Hermetic Qabalah Foundation—Complete Course. Before undertaking a commitment to our practical course, please study our advice given below.

Advice on the Study and Practice of the Occult is given here
Study and Practice the Thelemic Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram here

You will first need to become an Associate by introducing yourself to us (see below). We will provide you with our Recommended Reading list on request. The Probationer is required to perform an appropriate spiritual exercise on a strict daily basis for one-year, keeping a magical diary Record of their work. For this purpose we provide the Hermetic Qabalah Foundation course.

  • A copy of the Record and a Work Review is usually submitted to the Order Guide once per month, when the Sun enters a new zodiacal sign. Please note we cannot accept handwritten journals for assessment.

Become an Associate
Send a formal email letter of introduction to the O∴ A∴ Please use your real name, not an Internet pseudo or nickname. (The traditional Thelemic greeting style is given on the contact page.) On confirmation of the registration of your details, we will subscribe you to our monthly Journal, The 93 Current (unless you have already subscribed). Please provide the following in your letter of introduction:

  1. Full name and title (Mr, Miss, Ms, Mrs), and street address, town, city, postal or zip code, state or country.*
  2. Supply your preferred email address, by which we can contact you.
  3. Telephone number (with country, area code) by which we can contact you, if necessary.*
  4. Please give the time (if known), date and place of your birth. Format the date “3rd January, 1980”, for example, so we can be sure. Put the name of the nearest city and the region and country you were born in.*
  5. Tell us briefly about your study and experience as relevant to magick and the occult.
  6. Tell us about some of the books you have read, as relevant to our literature and work. Tell us what you think of them and why they are revelant—this needs to be more than simply a list.
  7. Please provide a book list of our literature you have read and studied, so we know what information you have.

* Your street address is necessary so we can send you official papers, if required. It is extremely unlikely that we will call you by telephone, especially if you are not resident in the UK, but we reserve the contact should there be a need. The birth details are so that a horoscope can be consulted, as is traditional.

Subscribe to our monthly Journal here: The 93 Current. The Journal is free of charge and is delivered by email.

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