Hermetic Order—Initiation of the Star and Snake

The aim of the work of the Hermetic Order of the Star and Snake is to prepare for spiritual realisation. The first level of real or effective initiation involves psychic regeneration, but that must not be confused with the goal itself; it is only subsidiary to the goal—a further preparation. Full realisation involves final and permanent transformation of all human possibilities to the spiritual order of possibilities, which is entirely outside of and beyond the human domain or sphere of the individuality. A word about our Hermetic legacy: magical practices are likewise to serve the aforestated aim and purpose and no other. The development of human and psychic possibilities must never be thought of as an end in itself.

Hermetic Order: Pyramid of Initiation

Aspirants to the Hermetic Order must be prepared to dispose of all preconceptions concerning the path of knowledge that they will have assimilated from their education, social environment and even their own private study during their life. Such preconceptions will, unless relinquished, only serve to place an impenetrable wall between the individual and the spiritual order beyond. It requires persistent effort over a prolonged period of time. It requires self-discipline, self-control and a very high level of enthusiasm for the subject to the exclusion of all else.

Hermetic Order: Feasts of the Times

Thebes was the ancient Egyptian cult centre responsible for the ordination of the seasonal times, rituals and festivities. We celebrate the lesser cycles of equinoxes and solstices, and the Sun entering each zodiacal sign, through the course of the year. The ritual observance of astronomical and astrological time cycles is to wed the impersonal aspects of initiation to the personal aspects of initiation.

Ritual supports the possibility of initiatic transmission in time and space.

Hermetic Order: Feasts of the TimesThose who wish to undertake practical work must study and obtain familiarity with our philosophy and primary techniques. They should give thought to a fraternal name and associated Qabalistic number for exclusive use in the Hermetic Order of the Star and Snake. An ‘Apprentice’ is a Student that has been accepted into the novitiate and begins practice and learning. The Student is asked to provide a date for starting their Record. This will coincide with the entry of the Sun into a new zodiacal sign. The Record must be kept on a strict daily basis. The Apprentice Oath and Task is signed after meditation on its meaning, and a copy returned to the Order. The Apprentice continues their reading and study. If the Apprenticeship is deemed successful, a ritual for admission and particular practice will be given for the Iº (First Degree) Neophyte.

The Oath of an Apprentice (Hermetic Order of the Star and Snake) is as follows:

I shall direct the whole nature and all the powers of my being towards the accomplishment of the Great Work, which is: To obtain True Knowledge of that which is by Nature hidden from the ordinary senses and reason of Man. To this end, I will obtain control over the nature and powers of my own being.

In fact, that declared aim, to be attained in any full and complete measure, might take many years, even a lifetime, and might even never be attained, as depending on the latent possibilities of the individual.

Our Hermetic Qabalah Foundation course is open to suitable applicants. Advanced practices involve Raja Yoga, which combines devotion to an Egyptian deity involving concentration of mind, meditation and intellective process of discrimination, which alone can lead to the yoga of pure knowledge (jnana). The Apprentice must follow the advice, practice and study as provided by their Preceptor, and keep a daily record of their work, which is done according to strict guidelines. At the end of each solar month (when the Sun enters a new sign) they submit their record in a document form, along with a work review. This is read over and assessed by the Preceptor, and if needed, further advice is given.


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