The O∴ A∴ provides courses in practical magick within the Western Hermetic and Thelemic Tradition. All practical work requires time put in for reading, writing, study and thought. Before undertaking a commitment to our practical course, please make sure you have studied our advice given here (opens new tab or page):

Advice on the Study and Practice of the Occult

We have a range of resources on the web to assist the study and practice of magick and yoga, and the expansion of knowledge (see below). Have you studied and practiced our Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram? We present the complete ritual here. There is more to this ritual than meets the eye of the casual observer. Our Hermetic Qabalah Foundation course  devotes an entire month to this ritual, putting it together step by step (see below).

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O∴ A∴ Collegium and Courses

  1. Applicants must be aged 21 years or more.
  2. The O∴ A∴ Collegium is a traditional Thelemic grade system based on the Hermetic Tree of Life. The first (unofficial) grade is Student. Initiation is by personal work and the Keeping of the diary Record. Those wishing to enter the initiated grades must first perform a spiritual exercise on a strict daily basis for one year, keeping a magical diary Record of their work. For this purpose we provide a one-year supervised correspondence course in practical Qabalistic magick and yoga: Hermetic Qabalah Foundation.
  3. The Foundation course provides a thorough grounding in the Hermetic Tree of Life, which is the basis of magick in theory and practice. The course involves meditation and ritual and is presented in the book, Hermetic Qabalah Foundation—Complete Course.
  4. Members are expected to manage their own contributions to the Order. Usually they make regular or occasional donations, as according to their means, and work voluntarily on behalf of the Order.
  5. Apply here for courses and membership: Ordo Astri Membership.

Read more hereCourses: Hermetic Qabalah Foundation—Complete Course on the history and background to the Hermetic Qabalah Foundation, with some useful guidance on how the course is done.

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