Flaming Sword Sepher Sephiroth

The Flaming Sword Sepher Sephiroth in two volumes is the result of many years of practical work and research. There is an update from 11th July 2024 update from 11th July: It gives us great pleasure to announce that the first volume, with substantial corrections and revision, is now available in a Third Edition. The second volume will soon follow (release will be announced here).

The Flaming Sword Sepher SephirothThe Flaming Sword Sepher Sephiroth consists of more than 1000 pages, in two volumes. In addition to the substantial Sepher Sephiroth (‘book of numbers’) there is an introductory guide to the use of the book, tables of Hebrew, Greek and Enochian values, prime numbers, and a complete set of Magical Kameas with corrected and redrawn planetary seals and sigils.

The book provides multiple solutions to all of the riddles of the (Egyptian) Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis, as well as some of the most cryptic passages.

Sepher Sephiroth

The word ‘Qabalah’ is derived from the root QBL, ‘to transmit’. The word then also implies reception of a spiritual influence, which is the nature of initiation. There is a science of numbers within ancient languages. Gematria is a branch of the Qabalah. It is commony supposed that a word or phrase is associated with another word or phrase sharing the same numerical value. However, the mere fact that two words have the same number does not, in fact, denote a real correspondence between them. The over-simplification of Gematria within the occult field, which has taken place outside of any initiated tradition, has led to much useless speculation and fantasy. Through persistent daily use, a number will instantly convey all of its related meanings to the trained mind; the subtlest nuances will be perceived and refreshed again and again. An enduring plumbline is forged between the rational mind and the higher intellect, by which spiritual influence is alone made effective. We may thus enter into the knowledge of higher states of the being. The subtle network, the Golden Thread called Zomar Levan in Hebrew (literally ‘white or pure weaving’) leaves in its wake a host of symbols. We might make an analogy with the coral reefs that are formed from generations of living organisms. Each signature formed by the bones of past working is a signpost on the Way of Knowledge.

In addition to the usual Hebrew words taken from the book of Genesis we include Greek words from the New Testament and the Corpus Hermeticum. There are also some Enochian, Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic and ancient Egyptian words. Where appropriate, Gematria with detailed Qabalistic notes has been included.

Volume One: 588 pages
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