Ordo Astri: Thelemic Magical Collegium

Ordo Astri is an Independent Thelemic School of the Mysteries with an operational collegium and grade system based on the Hermetic Qabalah. The grades of Initiation in the O∴ A∴ are obtained by personal work done and the keeping of a magical diary Record. The Egyptian name of the Order is Shemsu en Khabs.

Those who wish to dedicate themselves to a prolonged course of occult study and practice may aspire to Initiation through the grades or degrees of the Order. The structure of our college is based on the Hermetic Tree of Life. The grades are attained through personal work done and keeping a magical diary Record. Instruction in magick and yoga is given through a one-year Foundation correspondence course. The course serves as a Probationership for those aspiring to the grades of the Collegium.

Training and Work of an Initiate

The method of Initiation through keeping a record of personal work done has been operational for more than a century. Few persons possess the singular motivation, will and self-discipline required. Natural mystics, or those who have visionary or prophetic gifts, find their way to the O∴ A∴ when they feel the need to train psychic faculties that have been active in them since childhood. Sometimes such faculties are latent and begin to awaken when spiritual and magical work is fully engaged with on a daily basis. However, psychism can also be a bar to spiritual knowledge. It is better therefore not to place too much emphasis on the so-called magical powers. Those fitted for Initiation have rare qualities, including:

  • The ability to work alone and in silence.
  • Single-minded determination.
  • The ability to practice economy of means, which is to conserve energy for the Great Work that in most human beings is expended in mundane aspirations and the pursuit of ordinary pleasures.

Ordo Astri: Way of Knowledge

Ordo Astri Initiation: Sigillum Dei AemethWhat makes the O∴ A∴ different from other Thelemic organisations? We do not regard Thelema or Egyptian magick as a religion. We draw inspiration from diverse sources; the Egyptian Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis, is one source among many. Our way is of knowledge, not belief. Initiation is based on personal work and the Record kept.

We have our own methods of Hermetic Tantra-yoga, and have developed unique rites and ceremonies. Our Foundation Temple is dedicated to Babalon. The “star” in the name of the Order is the Star of Nuit-Isis. Our rituals invoke ancient Egyptian, Phoenician and Assyrian Neters or deities, and are free from Judaeo-Christian religious monotheism. Enochian Magick, especially the Skrying of the Thirty Aethyrs, is a powerful means of attaining real Initiation, and is integral to our curriculum in all grades from Neophyte onwards. Our one-year supervised course is a requirement for full membership and entry to the First Degree (Neophyte).

To apply for membership, please read our Courses page. We provide a guided correspondence course involving study, meditation, ritual and the keeping of a magical diary Record. All those that enrol for the course first become Associate Members of Ordo Astri, and are subscribed to our Newsletter (see below).

Our Newsletter, The 93 Current, is usually sent once per month, when the Sun enters a new sign of the Zodiac. We aim at all times to provide excellent, high quality literary content to our readers, related to the Hermetic and Thelemic traditions.

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