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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Ordo Astri is an Independent Thelemic School of the Mysteries with an operational collegium and grade system based on the Hermetic Tree of Life.
Ordo Astri Membership and Initiation
Those who wish to dedicate themselves to a serious and prolonged course of occult study and practice may aspire to Initiation through the grades or degrees of the Order. The structure of our college is based on the Hermetic Tree of Life. This will be familiar to those who have studied the Qabalah, Alchemy, Tantra, Gnosticism, the Western Magical Tradition, the historical Orders of the Golden Dawn, Alpha et Omega and Argenteum Astrum. Our work includes the Hermetic Qabalah, Hermetic Tantra-Yoga, ritual magick and mysticism. Those who have also studied the works of such luminaries as John Dee, Eliphaz Levi, Schwaller de Lubicz, W. E. Butler, W. G. Gray, Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune, will be acquainted with the rich Hermetic and Thelemic tradition that the contemporary work of Ordo Astri builds upon.

The Egyptian name of the Order is
Shemsu en Khabs. Learn more about Ordo Astri through an in-depth study of the Qabalistic Art of Gematria here.
Babalon riding the Beast
What makes Ordo Astri different from other Thelemic organisations? We do not regard Thelema or Egyptian magick as a religion. We draw inspiration from diverse sources; the Egyptian Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis, is one source among many. Our way is of knowledge, not belief. Initiation is based on personal work and the Record kept. We also Charter Lodges and Sanctuaries, and Study Groups.
We have our own methods of Hermetic Tantra-Yoga, and have developed unique rites and ceremonies. There is an emphasis on the Goddess, and our foundation Temple is dedicated to Babalon. The "star" in the name of the Order is the Star of Nuit-Isis.

Our rituals invoke Egyptian, Phoenician and Assyrian Gods and Goddesses, and are free from Judaeo-Christian religious monotheism. We place an emphasis on Enochian Magick in the Initiations of the grades. The Skrying of the Thirty Aethyrs is a powerful means of attaining real Initiation, and is integral to our curriculum in all grades from Neophyte onwards. Our one-year correspondence course is a requirement for membership, and involves a systematic ritual and meditative approach to exploring the paths and sephiroth of the Hermetic Tree of Life.

To apply for membership, please read our
Courses page. We provide a guided correspondence course in Hermetic Qabalah involving study, meditation, ritual and the keeping of a magical diary Record. All those that enrol for the course are automatically entitled to Associate Membership of Ordo Astri. For those that wish to join a Study Group, Chartered Lodge or Sanctuary, please read more about participation here. To subscribe to our Newsletter, send an email via this website.

Online Resources

Search this Website with Google: Put in Thelemic, Qabalistic, Mystical and analogous scientific terms, such as "Babalon", "Aiwass", "Abrahadabra" or even "Atom" or "Proton", and obtain a clear understanding as to how these terms relate to the Great Work.

Our online Glossary of Magical and Thelemic Terminology contains key qabalistic, metaphysical and analogous scientific terms used in our research of the Egyptian Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis. Information on the many ancient Egyptian gods and cult centres associated with Thelemic magick has been organised and cross-referenced. Practitioners of the magical arts will find here vital keys of knowledge that are generally excluded or overlooked in the literature on this abstruse subject. Those with understanding of the use of magical correspondences will find here far more than merely a dictionary of terms.

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